Bench Grinder Mods

My bench grinder started out as a Grizzly H7760 combination belt sander and 6″ grinder.  Out of the box the belt sander never tracked properly regardless of adjustment.  Instead of sending it back to Grizzly I decided that I would leave a coarse grinding stone on the “grinder” side adapt the “belt sander” side to various tool sharpening wheels.  Every wheel I have purchased has been significantly out of balance. So I made my own purposely unbalanced keepers for each wheel that can be rotated to achieve perfect balance of the wheel. I also mounted the grinder on a stand that allows the height of the grinder to be adjusted. I completed Harold Hall’s grinder tool rest  (no pictures yet). 

Grinder Guard – Cutting The Arc

The above files are in .txt format (the .tap extension required for Mach3Mill was not allowed). Just rename the file with a .tap extension and try with the table in the middle of it’s x and y axis and the z far away from the table to be sure it works on your machine. Zero all axis before you start. One file is for a 6″ guard and the other file is for a 7″ guard.